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ZLS-2iC Two Stage Compression PM VSD Compressor
The four-generation high-efficiency air-end adopt by the JAGUAR ZLS-2iC series compressor features energy-efficiency, stable running, the compressor was widely applied in manufacturing, automobile, electricity, medicine, textiles, photovoltaic, semiconductors industries. The compressor with remarkable energy-saving and consumption reduction help the enterprise achieve the aim of reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

Power: 22kw-250kw

rotary screw air compressor
PM VSD screw air compressor
screw air compressor
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Product details

Jaguar ZLS-2iC all series compressor choose IE4 high-efficiency permanent magnet motor, compare with normal asynchronous motor, the PM motor features ultra-efficiency, compact structure, lower noise, small volume, lightweight. Motor efficiency increased and stable running assures by the PM motor. Coaxial transmission makes the PM motor transmission could reach 100% in the meantime without gearbox, without motor bearing and maintenance fee.

Global service network

Today, nearly one million Jaguar devices are operating in countries and regions around the world. It has a marketing network all over the world. At the same time, it has set up convenient customer service centers in central cities in China, which not only provide customers with comprehensive products, but also provide customers with reliable after-sales service. The professional sales team and professional technical service team serve you at all times.

Product details

The optimized integrated two-stage compression air-end has reasonable structure and low vibration. All air and oil circuits are integrated inside of the air-end, within a beautiful and elegant outlook and reducing leakage. The coaxial designed air-end without a gearbox makes a high-efficiency transmission, the motor without bearing is maintenance-free.

The design of the built-in pipeline is more compact. We reduce the bellows between the first and second stage air-end, reducing pressure loss. The optimized built-in main oil injection pipe, bearing lubrication, and oil return pipe achieves a good cooling effect. The leakage and pipe vibration were avoided due to reducing most of the outside pipelines.

Fully intelligent drive

The touch screen with new CPU has a fast speed than ordinary controller, The built-in IoT module can upgrade the loT at any time, The 7-inch touch screen is more convenient than button controller, The touch screen with a 2-way communication interface, 4-way analog quantity, 14-way switch quantity, the output signal is more comprehensive, The integrated PLC has a powerful control function.

Jaguar ZLS-2iC series compressor equips IE4 ultra-efficiency permanent magnet motor, the electromagnetism scheme was optimized, the efficiency increased by 5~10%, reducing the consumption of electricity and the cost of the user. Compact with the normal asynchronous motor, the permanent magnet motor has the advantages of ultra-efficiency, compact structure, small size and light weight. Since the permanent magnet motor cancels the electric Excitation System, the motor with high efficiency, compact structure and reliable operation.

Permanent magnet VSD motor conforming to IEC 60034-30:2008. Assured by the professional certification authority.

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