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LS-P Integrated Screw Air Compressor
LS series air compressor integrated air dryer, air tank and line filter, with the advantages of large air displacement, energy-saving, low noise, less footprint. The compressor with PM VSD technology can save 50% more electricity than a normal screw air compressor.

Power: 7.5 KW~22KW

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PM VSD screw air compressor
screw air compressor
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1. Energy-saving: PM VSD technology makes energy-saving up to 50%.

2. Integrated air system: compact structure, high reliability, longer service life.

3. Pure compressed air: High-efficiently precision line filter ensures the supply of pure gas.

4. Integrated control system: The integrated controller is adopted, the screw compressor and air dryer are controlled by one button, which makes the operation more convenient.

Global service network

Today, nearly one million Jaguar devices are operating in countries and regions around the world. It has a marketing network all over the world. At the same time, it has set up convenient customer service centers in central cities in China, which not only provide customers with comprehensive products, but also provide customers with reliable after-sales service. The professional sales team and professional technical service team serve you at all times.

Product details
Unique design of LS compressor

Jaguar LS series screw air compressor adopts integrated control system, integrated the display and controller, one-button control of start and stop of screw compressor and air dryer, more convenient operation.

The series compressor is equipped with IE4 permanent magnet variable frequency ultra-high efficiency motors. Compared with electric excitation synchronous motors, permanent magnet variable frequency motors have the characteristics of ultra-high energy efficiency, compact structure, small size, and light weight. Jaguar's original permanent magnet liquid-cooled integrated drive technology improves efficiency by 8% compared with conventional motor drive mode, and the protection level is as high as IP65.

Jaguar liquid cooled Permanent Magnet motor

Developed by Jaguar air compressor's unique technology, liquid is used to cool the permanent magnet motor shell to ensure that the temperature of the permanent magnet motor is stable and never loses magnetism.

The heavy-duty bearing is adopted, and the optimal bearing configuration is selected according to the working conditions of the air-end. The bearing capacity is improved, the air-end runs stably, and the service life of the whole compressor is greatly increased.

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The sales network covers more than 40 countriesd

Set up convenient service centers in Chinese cities

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Cooperative brands of millions of enterprises
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